Beckenridge Vineyard

"There's no such thing as being lost in a vineyard. You're always in the right place."

- Unknown


Beckenridge Vineyard is a family affair. Starting with the couple who’s namesake it carries, Ken and Becky Jacroux – the “Beck-en” of BeckenRidge. Under their meticulous stewardship the 15 acres of vines, most now over 40 years old, thrived. Ken graciously spent the 2020 season passing the care of this vineyard over to a new family. 

Those duties have now been successfully handed off to one of our own. Nathan Hill, our vineyard manager and family member, interned under Ken and has followed up with Linfield College training in viticulture. He is passionate about our vines and producing the highest quality fruit possible! 

The Pursuit of Excellence

Nathan and Ken celebrated their first year of collaborative harvest in 2020. However, this was not a great year for grapes in the Willamette Valley. Yet even though the harvest suffered from rough Spring weather, cloudy harvest, and smoke from the fires; many great lessons were learned and we continue to learn and improve, with our beautiful 40 year old vines already starting to improve under better weather and Nathan’s care.  

We invite you to come up and see the year-round beauty of our vineyard and events center! 

Community Centered History

Beckenridge Vineyard is focused on nurturing old vines and producing high quality fruit, without an active winery, we are fortunate to partner with both Jim Fischer from Fossil and Fawn, and Ross Maloof from Maloof Wines, both very successful local wine makers. 

Come Have a Taste!

We have been thrilled to experience the vineyards, wine, and most especially, meeting the unique artisan wine makers of Dallas. So thrilled in fact, that we decided to open a tasting room to highlight them and share the experience with you! 

Come and explore all locally crafted wine, beer and cider for a night out, or to choose something special to serve at your upcoming event at BeckenRidge. 

We're honored to host your special day